Why we build websites for electricians

Targa brings electrical and web design experience into one place

Why does Targa build websites for electricians?

Targa Web Design was founded by me, Daron Harvey. I have been professionally designing, building and managing websites for more than 28 years, but just before Covid I decided to re-train as electrician, acquiring a number of C&G certifications in domestic installations, 3-phase installations, Level 3 qualification in Inspection and Testing, 18th Edition Wiring Regs, and others.

The Covid shake-up caused me to return to building websites, and I was naturally drawn to focus on the trades, and in particular electricians.

Whilst I won't pretend to be a seasoned electrician, the insight it gave me works very well when producing websites for electricians.

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The early years

The early years

Beginning in 1996, the first four years of my early web career was spent as a freelance website designer, creating and maintaining websites for businesses in a range of different industries, and in September 2000 I was asked to join a multinational organisation who was putting together a core team of web designers to build and manage their international e-commerce websites.

Time for a change

My interest and personal involvement with electrical work continued throughout those years, and then when the Covid pandemic shook so many industries, I decided on a career change.

After some very poor experiences with work carried out by several tradesmen... including some NAPIT and NICEIC registered electricians... I chose to re-train as an electrician, focusing mainly on domestic installations, initial and periodic testing, etc.

Electrical Training, Installations and Testing

Electrical Training

However, despite my initial intentions to make the switch to an electrician full time, I was still being asked to build websites for small business owners, and I realised that website creation is really when my focus should remain. After all, I had many years of experience, and I still enjoyed it.

No brainer, really!

But I could also see the value of electricians having a professional website, because, even though many electricians already have Facebook pages, standing out amongst fierce local competition is can be really difficult.

I also realised than not everyone in the trades has the time or desire to write good quality content for their website or provide decent photos to make their website stand out. I knew that I could help, and so I decided put my skills and knowledge to good use and build affordable quality websites for electricians.

Combining web design and electrical experience

The electrical training I took, the qualifications I achieved, and the hands-on experience I gained afterwards provided a valuable insight into why people need qualified, experienced electricians for installations, modifications, testing and fault finding.

It also provided some great ideas for website content, and how you as electrician, can not only provide a service to your clients by educating them in some of the ways described below, but it also shows that you know your trade and can be trusted!

Showcasing your electrical business

So besides showcasing your own business, why not also offer advice that people might be searching for, such as:

The fact is the people look for information, advice and answers to questions. If they don't find it on your website, they'll continue their search elsewhere, but if they do find answers and advice, you're more likely to be considered knowledgeable and trustworthy.

So how about we make a start?

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